Beating the Depression Loop Part 1

Hey guys, I have a fairly short (22 minute) video talking about one of the hardest things I’ve been dealing with over the years. It is my hope that this will help you as much as it helped me. Finally, I apologize for the delay in getting this out. A sudden onset of medical issues has slowed me down even further.




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Rob has been self publishing books, videos, software and courses for over 8 years. His expertise includes sales, marketing, coding and music.
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  1. Hey guys. I’ll be here on and off to chat if you so desire. Just drop a comment.

    Thanks for everything!

  2. Good job Rob – I think it was very brave of you to make this video. I know how tough depression can be to deal with and you’re doing something positive to create a positive energy loop. Well done.

    I’m still mad about how my situation was handled with your Killer Book Promotions. I never got the service so think I should have been refunded. It would have been different if I had received a promotion and was complaining about the results right?

    I never complained to zaxaa and only ever requested help directly from you and your fb admins. And here I am still on your mailing list and I’ve purchased some of your other offers since then.

    It would be cool of you to step up make it right since I never got the service.

    However you handle it, I commend you for being transparent and sharing so that other might benefit from your experiences. Thanks Rob

  3. Hi Sherry, thanks for the kind words.

    The whole slickdeals cluster-f was, well a disaster. It worked all well in the beginning, but I made the biggest mistake that I’ve made in the past: growing too fast.

    I appreciate the consideration and patience you’ve had. I don’t want you mad at me, you’ve always been great. So I’m going to email you and we’ll talk about how to resolve this problem.

  4. Hi Rob,

    I want to leave this reply so everyone can see that you did contact me personally and resolved things. Thank you for your honesty and integrity. I think you’re going to do well. And I look forward to your future offerings and to seeing you and everyone benefit from your positive move forward.

  5. Hi Rob –

    I took your KD Fiction Writing class back in 2014 — you were great and it was a really terrific class. I just happened to see your email today, and out of hundreds of ‘mailing list’ emails, I saw the title, and just had to come to this page. Glad to spend some time here on the other side of the screen with you.

    I spend my career helping people with problems, and the most important thing someone can have to begin to break through, is the thought that “something’s got to change”…. You’ve got that.

    Your courage to share and be so real will touch many people, and help folks to know that you/they are not alone. So sorry to hear of the situation that’s behind some of this for you. I always tell people, you never know what’s going on behind closed doors — and what people are dealing with. Folks should think of that before they judge others.

    You will work your way through this, and come out the other side stronger and with more to write, and more to teach. My thoughts are with you and yours, for safety, peace, protection and perseverance!

    If you need some inspiration, there’s a great Rodney Atkins country song that includes:

    If you’re goin’ through hell keep on going
    Don’t slow down … … ….
    Yeah if you’re goin’ through hell keep on movin’
    Face that fire walk right through it….

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Lisa! That was a fun class. I need to run more of those!

    I hope this helps people, I really do. I’ve dealt with a lot these past 6 months, but I can’t keep letting that stuff destroy me. So destroy me it will not. 😀

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