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I’m excited to share a new and explosive method to produce virtually endless cash by generating easy-to-produce, instant low content fiction works.  

These books are small – only 10 to 15 pages, a few thousand words – something you can do in a day or less.

And make up to 400 dollars per book, paid almost instantly to your PayPal.

Do You Struggle Producing Books?

Producing fiction, novels, or books can be time consuming, headache inducing and a stressful ordeal. It requires planning, writing, changing, fleshing out and editing.  

It then requires making or paying for a book cover, formatting then uploading to Amazon kindle.  


It’s a long tedious process – in order to write a real book, you need to:

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Write
  • Rewrite
  • Edit
  • Get a cover made
  • Format
  • Upload to Kindle
  • ...And beg for sales!

 Are Your Books Failing To Sell?

Say you do all those steps – then what? Wait for sales.

Yeah…if you try to do the whole “write and don’t promote” method, you won’t see a single red cent.  

Even when you promote – you usually need reviews to sell at first, and those are hard to come by. In  fact, this entire process can be time consuming, and for most authors, offers near zero returns on their time (and sometimes money)!

What If You Could Write a Short Story – 10 Pages Long – And Get Paid Up to 400 Bucks?

Forget writing long, tedious novels. Forget trying to promote your book and failing.

Forget spending months upon months antagonizing over every detail when you could be churning out short stories that people beg for.

This Single Resource Resulted In Thousands of Dollars of Pure Profit for this One Writer

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your potential readers gathered in a single place? What if you could leverage this resource to write and sell short erotic fiction novels for hundreds of dollars a sale?  

What difference would that make in your life?

Again, imagine having these readers begging to pay you hundreds of dollars to write short erotica!  

We are not joking – people will pay up to 400 dollars per short erotic story – no marketing, no promotion, no begging Amazon, no begging for reviews.  

And here is the kicker: these don’t have to be that great of stories! (Nearly anyone can do this!)

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 Inside Erotica Money System the Author, Miss Lykkens,
Walks You Through the Process of Making Money Writing and Selling Short Erotic Fiction!
Up to 400 Dollars a Short Story!

 We're Going to Show You Exactly Why This Works

The idea is simple, effective and it works. All you must do is sign up to the resource, write the short story, then collect the income.  

There is no massive amounts of research, no planning or plotting, no struggling to write. Just grab the idea from the reader, flesh it out (remember, just 10 to 15 pages) and get paid.  

You can do this over and over and over again.

Rinse and repeat. Even up to full time!

Authors Like You Are Making Thousands of Dollars Writing Short Erotic Fiction.
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And It Doesn't Even Always Have to be Erotica!

Inside Erotica Money System, You’ll Discover:

  • The #1 Resource You Can Use to Earn Up to 400 Dollars For a 10 Page Erotic Short Story
  • Why __________ Is the Perfect Resource To Use
  • The 7 Simple and Quick Steps to Make Money with Short Erotica Stories
  • No Fighting Amazon, No Formatting for Kindle, No Building a Website!
  • No Editing Needed, No Book Cover Needed, No Plotting or Planning!
  • Money Is Sent Directly To Your PayPal
  • Why This Only Works In This Specific Way  …And How You Can Leverage that For Hundreds of Dollars
  • Some People Pay 40 to 50 Dollars Per Chapter! (Each Chapter Only a Few Hundred Words)
  • The Top Tips for Quickly Writing Quality Short-Story Erotica

This Is NOT A Typical Writing and Selling System. You Don’t Need to Use Amazon, You Don’t Need to Market Your Book, Build a Website, Manage an Email List, Pay For Traffic, Or Use Social Media…  

Just ONE Resource.

The Customers Come to YOU One Type of Book, Only 10 to 15 Pages Long

Up to 400 Bucks in the Bank…PER STORY.

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We are keeping a tight wrap on this because we don't want to build too much competition.

So we are only going to keep this open in short bursts - this might even be the last time we have this open, so...

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Deviance on DeviantArt

“What if I Don’t Want to Write Erotica?"
"Or, What If I Don’t Want to Write Certain Types of Erotica?”

First – you can also write steamy romance. It doesn’t have to pure sex – there are many readers who request “sweeter, more innocent” romance. You’ll see and understand why when we show you inside.  

You also don’t have to write anything you want – you set the rules. In fact, if you want to keep to just a specific type of erotica, you can.

And get paid more for it! We will show you inside.

“What Do You Mean, Customers Come To Me?"
"I Don’t Have to Write and Market My Book?”

You heard that right – customers come to you! You sign up to this single resource and they ask you to write erotica for them – a very special type of erotica that makes them want to pay you hundreds of dollars per book!  

No covers. No editors. No websites or promotions. The customers come to you. And they pay you!

It’s that simple and we show you everything you need.

“Is This Even Legal?"

Absolutely!  Being commissioned to do work is many an author's wet dream!

You are being commissioned by a private individual to produce a work that cannot be publicly posted. In short – it’s for their eyes only.

And in the Erotica Money System, we will show you exactly how to make your wet dreams come true.

Don't Hesitate!  You Have Limited Time!

Deviance on DeviantArt

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Since this is a NSFW topic, we've brought you protection!

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