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Discover a Hidden, Desperate Niche That is EXPLODING In Sales

These Short Books (10-20 Pages) Can Be Made In Minutes!

  • Discover This Hidden Book Niche That Readers are DESPERATE To Buy
  • Book Can Be Made In Less Than an Hour
  • Virtually No Promotion Needed!

This is an Unprecedented Time in the World

Time sure changes things quickly. One day you’re just doing your thing, living life…and the next thing you know, you’re stuck at home, with school canceled, uncertainty about a job and fears about getting sick.

But as with all things in life – there is rarely just bad.

Sudden life changes bring about opportunities as well as pitfalls.

And I’m going to present you an opportunity that could very well change your life.

A Hidden Book Niche has Exploded With Easy Sales – And It’s About To Get Even More Popular

This book niche has been around forever, but it’s mostly been relegated to a few people who live a certain lifestyle.

Sure, lots of sales are made in it – but that was limited to a few authors.

But now, everything has changed.

Right Now, Millions Upon Millions Of People Are DESPERATE For Relief. And This Niche Will Help Give It To Them.

And It’s Just Getting Started… Millions More Will Be Searching for an Answer in A Few Months.

This means an opportunity for you as an author. And the amount of sub-niches are huge.

Absolutely huge.

Each one of these sub-niches are dominating the sales charts at Amazon, with brand new authors entering the scene and with very little marketing, seeing dozens of sales each week.

And I’m going to show you EXACTLY what this niche is, the various sub-niches and how to build these SHORT but helpful books that readers will love!

Check Out These Niche Examples:

Each One of Those Above Are INDIE Authors, Like You, Some Of Them Are On Their First or Second Book

And Making Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars a Month…

And It’s Only Going To Get Bigger

That’s the thing I love about this.

It isn’t even close to the end.

In fact, it’s going to blow up even more here soon. More and more people around the world are going to be desperate for an answer and you can easily give it to them.

Inside the Hidden Niche, You’ll Discover:

  • The EXACT Niche and Various Sub-Niches That are Exploding
  • WHY These People are Desperate and How To Supply Them The EXACT Answer They Need
  • You DON’T Need Special Skills or Knowledge to Write these Books – They Are Super Easy to Put Together
  • I Show You All The FREE RESOURCES You Need to Build These Books
  • NO or LOW Amounts of Marketing Needed! These Sell On Their Own
  • BONUS: Expand Beyond Amazon! I Show You A Place Where People Are Making 5 to 15 Dollars a Sale Per Item, the EXACT Same Niche
  • And More
Desperate Niche - Bill Platt Exclusive

Easily Produce Dozens of These High-Selling Books A Month

Because of the resources I’m going to give you, these books take minutes to build.

You can easily build one a day and have 30 on the market, selling, in less than a month.

Some authors are doing that now and making bank.

But there is a HUGE amount of room for you to dominate these sub-niche markets, which is only going to grow in size over the next few months.

Imagine having dozens of easy-to-build books at your fingertips, all selling…

What would that do for you?

Grab The Hidden Niche Now For Only $17.99

Desperate Niche - Bill Platt Exclusive

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase today, send my support team a message and we will refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.

There is no risk at all for you. None. Download the product, try it and if it’s not right for you, no hard feelings! Guaranteed.

You can even keep the product as my way of saying thanks for giving it a shot.