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“I Went From Nothing To Selling Books On Kindle”

How One Author Turned to This “Desperate Niche” And Started Making Money

Howdy! Going to make this short.

I found an author who is making money with this niche and I did one of my usual interviews with them!

Inside we cover how she discovered the niche, how she capitalized on it, and how she plans on increasing her sales in the future.

This is a great interview, another one that can help you get into this niche and making money on Amazon or other platforms.

Inside You’ll Discover:

  • How this Author Makes The MOST Money From This Niche (Hint: It’s Not Kindle)
  • Why She’s Chosen This Method and How She Does It
  • The MASSIVE Golden Nugget She Gives Away (She Explains Exactly What This Niche Wants – Saving You Hours of Research)
  • The EXACT Information She Puts In Her Books – And Why You Should Copy Her
  • Her Predictions for the Fall 2020
  • And More!

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Desperate Niche Author Interview

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