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Refund/Dispute Policy

When purchasing anything through Sneaky Fox Publishing or any associated site, you agree to the following refund, return and PayPal dispute policy.

– You are not entitled to a refund, unless specifically stated in the product sales and marketing pages that a refund guarantee exists. Refunds are granted solely at our discretion.

– If the product is a physical product, the product must be returned before a refund is granted.

– All products sold are considered “as-is”. No updates, upgrades, or changes to the product are promised.

– Unless otherwise stated in the product sales and marketing pages, any use of the product after a refund is granted is considered theft. You agree to delete and cease use of the product once a refund is granted and the money is returned to you.

– A PayPal dispute or bank chargeback immediately disqualifies you for a refund.

NOTE: We fight all disputes and chargebacks. We reserve the right to turn any and all disputes and chargebacks over to our collection agency. Disputes and chargebacks hurt small vendors such as ourselves by placing our accounts, such as PayPal, at risk for termination.

If you need any further assistance, please contact us here: