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How Theresa Wrote a 15 Page Book In 30 Minutes

And How She Sold 24 Copies her First Week Just by Paying 5 Dollars

Theresa’s story is interesting. A factory worker laid off in 2020, she did some digging on the internet to find ways to supplement her gig income. (Doing delivery jobs for Amazon and UberEats)

While that was almost covering her bills, she wanted something that would help out more long term, in case she wouldn’t be able to get her job back.

She ended up stumbling onto one of my pages, the Simple Kindle System.

She always enjoyed writing, as she would journal occasionally, and wanted to see if she could make some side money by writing a few books.

As Usual When Starting a New Endeavor, It Didn’t Go to Plan

She suffered the same fate a lot of starting authors and writers suffer.

  • Her book did not attract any traffic
  • It was a poorly picked niche
  • And thus, she made no sales.
  • Not fretting it much, she let the project go

But when she came down with Covid, she had to stop doing her gigs. While she was (fortunately) not very sick, she had to take two weeks off and test negative before returning to her gig work.

From Sick with Covid to Selling Her First Book

Bored, Theresa began to explore writing books again. She fired up my old product and this time paid more attention to what niche she was choosing and what she was writing.

She also developed an actual, basic, marketing plan. A plan that came together and started making her money.

She Paid 5 Dollars for a Promotion. And By the End of the Week, She Had Made About 30 Dollars Back

That’s when she knew she had a winner. And building on that experience, she continued to release books, each one selling a few more per release.

Finally back on her feet and recovered from Covid, she was back gigging. But this time she was having extra money coming in. She decided to reinvest it back into her new, albeit tiny, business.

Introducing the New Simple Kindle System

After experiencing her new success, she contacted me and let me know what she had done. I was amazed to hear her story and now I want to share it with you.

New Case Study

  • All New Case Study
  • Why She Succeeded the Second Time and Not the First
  • The #1 Thing She Now Always Does with Her Books

The Twists Theresa Used

  • How She Took My Advice and Did Something Different
  • How You Can Exactly Follow Her New Plan
  • A Powerful List of Resources You Can Use

Niche Selection

  • How She Found Her New, Successful Niche
  • The Exact Process You Can Follow
  • And More

How You Can Spend Only 5 Dollars to Promote Your Book

A core tenet of the Simple Kindle System from the beginning was a cheap, easy way, yet successful way to promote your books.

I cover this promotion technique inside and how she gave it a twist.

Works for Short Books, Discover Theresa’s “Secret Sauce” For Book Production.

It wasn’t just a simple promotional method. It was also the secret sauce that kept her writing books. These two go hand in hand.

And that’s why it works. All of her changes she’s made to her book publishing works together.

Inside I’ll show you.

Inside the Simple Kindle System, You’ll Discover:

  • The 5 Steps Theresa Takes to Identify a Good Book Niche
  • How She Can Write a Short Book in Under a Half Hour
  • The Top 6 Niches and Sub Niches She Writes In
  • The Exact Promotional Technique She Uses, Why it Failed at First, and How She Made it Successful
  • Why Selling Your Book Might Be The Worst Idea, Instead Give it Away
  • The Top 3 Resources You Need to Be Successful
  • And More!
Simple Kindle System 2022

Imagine Creating Books in a Half Hour and Promoting for Only 5 Dollars

The rush of getting that first sale is intoxicating. I remember mine so clearly. It was incredible. Nothing can describe it.

It’s a sign that something is, indeed, working. And working for you.

And it doesn’t take much. Her first week she sold 24 copies. Even if you do only half of that, you’re still well on your way.

No, this isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme. Authors are legit making money right now, every day. Most reading this won’t, but that’s because they will do what Theresa did at first, fail once and quit.

But you aren’t like that. Just imagine what it could do for you.

Simple Kindle System 2022

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase today, send my support team a message and we will refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.

There is no risk at all for you. None. Download the product, try it and if it’s not right for you, no hard feelings! Guaranteed.

You can even keep the product as my way of saying thanks for giving it a shot.