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Theresa Reveals Her #1 Regret Trying to Sell Her Books

And What She Has Done to Fix It

Rob here, and thank you for grabbing the Simple Kindle System! I know it’ll drastically improve your chances of getting downloads and reads of your book.

Right now I want to show you even more powerful tricks and tips that Theresa has created to help herself sell more books.

I’ve done an interview with Theresa and inside we cover these things:

  • Her initially difficulties getting books into readers hands and how she fixed it
  • How she discovered the biggest secret – niche selection – and how it makes the biggest difference in sales
  • Why you can easily set yourself up for repeat sales and how Theresa did it
  • Why she chose a different 5 dollar promotion gig, and why you need to consider this as well
  • Her best selling book niche and why
  • And more!

Grab this invaluable interview now and improve your book sales today!

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Simple Kindle System 2022 Author Interview